About us

Omnetrix comprises a dynamic, progressive team of professionals with a significant pool of valuable resources. We’re based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban (South Africa) and offer full-function solutions to businesses across all industries and international borders.

Omnetrix adds measurable value to your company, your brand, and your clients by implementing the processes and integrating the right people to accomplish an efficient and profitable end result.

What sets Omnetrix apart

We formulate a compound solution that aligns with your goals to achieve excellent end results. 

This involves implementing various processes and operations to create innovative results that work for your brand. We take a holistic approach to achieving your goals rather than merely focusing on stand-alone aspects. 

Real, quantitative results come from Omnetrix’s handling every aspect of accomplishing one purpose. 

You have one point of contact and you get one invoice. 

“Our differentiation lies in building modular efficiencies within each function so that these can be isolated into smaller functions or functional incubators, which can be absorbed into your business after a period of time.”

Meet the Team

Sushil Deva

As a result driven implementor, Sushil has played a pivotal role in our clients business development, financial management, sales, and technological implementation to ensure business success. Sushil has provided our clients with successful turnaround strategies and has a proven track record in enhancing operational performances across various industries. His journey at Omnetrix has included, and not limited to providing sustainability, establishing organizational structure while identifying and executing business opportunities at their peak and for on-demand services through innovation and technological implementation. Sushil currently holds three National Diplomas in Training, Education and business Management and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Cum Laude), specializing in Business Management.

Professional Memberships and Affiliations